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Monday, August 21, 2017

SPK Retirees Enjoying Recreational Mushing

Sometimes when we retire dogs from SP Kennel they are not always ready to go to a couch. We have been known to retire dogs from long distance racing to a local dog-first recreational kennel and one such kennel belongs to Rod, Julie and Edie, just a few miles from SPK.

Over the last 10 years, we have retired Zorro (edit: not Zorro Mackey), Skittles, Butterscotch, Spoog, Tatfish, Fang, Moxie, Bonita and Shiner to Rod, Julie and Edie's care.

Skittles and Moxie lead the team in spring 2016 -- Skittles' last race. 
Julien Schroeder photo

From Julie and Rod...

"When SP Kennel recently reposted their December 2008 video subtitled “Go get Tatfish,” it made me laugh. Tatfish hasn’t changed at all. (Photo on left.) He’s been at our kennel just a couple miles down the road for a few years, and we still have to hook him up last because his exuberance usually leads to tangles. He’s still a sweet, funny, playful boy — in fact we designed a corner of the dog yard with him in mind so he always one, or three, other dogs to play with all the time. Last year, Tatfish made it onto Edie’s Junior Mushers team and loved being able to go all out for 6 or 7 miles. Edie’s team, made up of more-or-less retired distance dogs, will never be able to compete with the top sprint kennels she’s running against, but she, and they, have a great time."

"We’ve been fortunate enough to share our home with several SP Kennel dogs over the years. They are the oldest — Zorro at 17-plus years (photo on right is Zorro napping in the kitchen) — and the youngest, Shiner, 6, in our kennel and still form the core of our team. Zorro, despite his advanced years, is the first one at hand if there’s food around.
Zorro shares a big pen with Freddie and Butterscotch and is either eating, sleeping or walking. He still doesn’t have an off switch."

"Butterscotch and his sister Skittles are the best two dogs we have ever had, and may ever have, in our team, as well as two of the sweetest. Skittles is a full-time house husky now. (Photo on left is Skittles helping pick blueberries.) She usually sleeps in Edie’s room or one of the dog beds in the living room and has the full run of the house and yard. She knows Grandma across the street always has a biscuit handy. Her favorite perch is the rug by the kitchen sink when I’m cooking. I’m a messy cook and she’s happy to help clean what I drop. Butterscotch will come inside if it’s cold, but he much prefers to be outdoors hanging out with Freddie."

"Spoog and Moxie are our two go-to leaders, and are also easily the loudest dogs in the yard. They can hear the ladle hitting the edge of the bucket before we even open the front door to feed, and will let everyone in the neighborhood know that supper is coming. Spoog is also one of the most powerful dogs in the yard, something I’m usually reminded of on the first run of the season as I rub the grass stains off my chin after hooking him up. Moxie is currently excavating a basement apartment for his dog house. Or looking for buried treasure. Or burying a few more dog bowls. Anything to get more attention. (Photo above is Moxie admiring his deconstruction work.) "

"Our other two SP Kennel expats are Fang and Bonita. Both are strong, steady team dogs. We tried to convince Bonita that she wanted to be a mom, but no puppies. Instead, she’s the kennel’s fun police and lets us know if Tatfish and the others in the play corner are having too much fun.
Or if Edie and her friends are in the backyard.
Or the wind is blowing.
Or the cat is on the back deck.
You get the idea."

Friday, August 18, 2017

Catching up with Scruggs

Aliy and Allen were in Anchorage for a few hours this past week and were able to catch up with Scruggs.

Thankfully, he now is quite easy to "catch up" with at his new home. Scruggs, his new furry BFF, Molly, and Barbara are all happy and healthy. The threesome are getting along great and have gotten used to each other's habits with only a few quirks. Scruggs seems very content at this loving home.

Yup... he has jumped 4 paws into his retirement.

Scruggs and Allen pose in the backyard; Molly says "What about ME?!?"

Scruggs has no physical signs of being gone from home for those 2 weeks. His rear toenails were quite worn down originally, but have grown back some now. He seems more comfortable with the sounds of the neighborhood and truly enjoys his own backyard. Scruggs, Molly and Barbara are a great family. Molly is very patient with her "new man" as he rips the squeaky out of most of her squeaky toys. Apparently Scruggs is more of a natural bone kinda guy. Not surprising.

Bone euphoria; Molly and Scruggs at the front window Look Out.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Flashback Weekend - December 2008

We were looking back through the Dog Log yesterday because longtime kennel sponsors Tom & Cindy Eckhoff were visiting. They have seen the kennel grow from a small time wilderness dog team to what we are today and seeing some of that history was kinda fun.

There are so many great stories, videos and photos on this website. The "search" tool on the left hand side helps find stories on specific dogs, locales or races. If you ever have a spare moment or two, you can learn a lot about SP Kennel, dog mushing and the many, many stories about the individual athletes of SP.

SP Kennel only really started producing such interesting and interactive content when our good friend and world traveler, Macgellan, stepped into the picture. He always said "it's all about the dogs". He was right. His fun interaction with the dogs, camera gear and the internet was something new and different for the dog mushing world. Macgellan put a lot of time and effort into reporting for us on this website for several years and luckily... we have much of that content in the history here on the SP Kennel Dog Blog.

This video one of our all time favorites. Macgellan was simply trying out his new camera - he had some difficulties early on with cold weather, durability and camera gear. Since he was outdoors constantly and videoing everything, he caught some pretty great footage.

DECEMBER 8, 2008
FLASHBACK - - - For Tatfish (and my new camera)...

While I've been pleasantly surprised, frankly, at how well my photo gear has held up under the demanding conditions here in the Interior Alaskan winter, I have to admit that it has been a bit of a struggle from time to time.

So, while I was in Fairbanks the other day I shopped for a camera that is more "purpose built" for the cold, snow, etc., than my existing gear. I found one by Olympus called the "Stylus 1030 SW" -- the "SW" stands for "Shock and Water Proof" -- and it is supposed to operate in temperatures down to -10 degrees. Hoping for the best, I bought it and determined to put it to the test right away.

As Aliy and Allen were getting ready to head out on a training run yesterday, I noticed a small rock in the Kennel's exit chute. With the claim of "shock and water proof" in mind, I propped my new camera down on the snow in front of it, hoping to get some footage from an unusual perspective. Actually, I was still just hoping for the best.

By now you know that the dogs are pretty excited to get going just before a run, some of them to the extent that we have to hook them up at the very last second or they will make a tangled mess out of the team. This is particularly true for Tatfish. For reasons that you will see, this little video is dedicated to Tatfish and my new camera, both of whom deserve better than they get!

Special thanks to Jonathan Coulton -- who somehow always has just the song I need! -- for the use of "Why Don't You Take Care Of Me?"


Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer Dogs

The last few weeks we have been enjoying the summer in Two Rivers. This year the temperatures have been warm and the Dog Walks have often involved a pond or creek. The 'countdown' to harness training is on the calendar, so enjoy the summer while you can kids!

Here are two fun videos:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Birthday Secrets

Five years ago today Olivia and Nacho had their first litter of puppies: Kodiak, Dutch, Junior and Lydia. The four adults that they have become are phenomenal sled dogs and companions. They are often in lead of the very best SPK teams and have tremendous futures ahead. Even better than that, each dog is a superb individual with loving and happy temperament. They are the very best kind of dog to have either pulling your sled down the trail or sleeping next to your Lazy Boy recliner. Happy Birthday kids!

Thanks to the Secrets dedicated Dog Sponsors: Trish, Sue, Cliff & family and the Chaffins. As well as all their enthusiastic Dog Fans!

And then there's Tig! Tig came to the kennel as a 7 week old pup when we had a small number of retired in-house sled dogs. We thought... "Why not shake things up around here and get a Lab?" She has been doing that for 9 years - shaking things up. Happy Birthday girl.

The differences between huskys and labs are sometimes vast - even though they have grown up in the same environment. The huskys LOVE to pull, run like the wind, work as a pack, howl enthusiastically and don't particularly care for water. The lab doesn't pull, trots down the trail with a hurky-jerky gait, is somewhat a loner, can't comprehend ~ much less attempt to howl - and would love to swim and fetch sticks all day long. And oh yea... don't forget about the squirrels.

We have to admit that the two dog breeds sometimes rub off on each other. For instance, Quito now runs into the forest wherever Tig is and immediately looks into the trees (for squirrels.) Of course Quito would immediately eat it - not fetch it - if she ever got one. And Mac, after years of watching Tig fetch sticks, has taken to the water. He even "swims for fun" now.

But, the funniest sight is to watch Tig as she is surrounded by 50 huskys howling. The sound is awesome and deafening. Tig just sits there dumbfounded. She looks like Allen and Aliy standing at a concert in Stockholm, Sweden. What the heck are these guys saying?! After 9 years, Tig still can't howl ~ even Allen could learn some Swedish in 9 years!!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yukon Quest 2018 Sign Ups

Thus past Saturday, August 5th, Allen's official Yukon Quest entry paperwork was turned in for the running of the 2018 Yukon Quest.

As always, there is a grand celebration at both YQ Offices - Fairbanks and Whitehorse - While Allen would have loved to have been present, he and Aliy were on the train in Denali and he was not able to be in two places at one time. So, Kaz joined the YQ festivities and was Allen's "Proxy". She officially sign him up for his 8th running of the Yukon Quest.

Thanks Kaz!

It takes enormous effort to run the Yukon Quest from more than just the sled dogs and mushers. There are many people who make this race possible for Allen and his awesome team. We know that here will be many challenges, hurdles and adventurous miles ahead ~ and then the race starts!

We can never thank our YQ handling crew, support staff and kennel care takers enough for all they do in order to make the Yukon Quest happen for SP Kennel. You know who you are... THANK YOU ALL! We are looking forward to a new year and a new race.

Izzy, Allen and Mismo 2017 YQ 3rd place; Allen & Aliy at Two Rivers Checkpoint.

Kaz was also able to be "Proxy" for Aliy and signed her team up for the Yukon Quest 300. Apparently Kaz has the ability to be two people at once!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

An Afternoon project

It's not all fun and games around SP Kennel. The lengthy list of projects that need to, ought to or just might get done before winter is endless.

One such task was constructing a new pooper scooper. As you can imagine, such a tool is very well used - so much so, that we were down to just one pooper scooper. With both Aliy and Allen doing the chores this summer... the question became: Who does the dookie patrol?

Well apparently one of them decided that he had done his fair share of pooper duty. So, in order to share the duty (or dookie) he constructed another tool. Aliy would like to say: Thank you so very much for sharing sweetheart!

Allen and Tig construct a new tool; The 'Tool Shed'"

Maybe the new scooper is too shiny to get dirty?!?!